About the Zenani Campaign
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1000 young people under the age of 25 die every day on the world's roads. Unlike Zenani Mandela, most are not born into a famous family. But, just like Zenani, they are much loved and greatly missed by their families.

The Zenani Campaign is an initiative in support of the UN's Decade of Action for Road Safey. Together we can save millions of lives.

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www.makeroadssafe.org/zenani | www.decadeofaction.org/zenani

"Zenani, my only daughter, celebrated her thirteenth birthday on 9th June 2010. Just two days later, returning home from the FIFA World Cup Kick Off Concert in Soweto, she was killed in a car crash. Her unfortunate and untimely passing was a tragedy shared by millions across the globe.

On the same day that I lost Zenani, a thousand other families also lost a child on the world's roads. This disaster continues to rob us of 1000 young people every single day.

Now, in the name of Zenani, we are launching this campaign to raise awareness of this appalling toll of death and injury, and to urge support for the UN's Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

Other parents must not go through the pain that I am suffering and will continue to suffer. Now is the time for positive action. Every life we save will be a precious victory".

Zoleka Mandela

Making roads safe for young people
Children and young people should have the right to a safe environment. Governments can do more to provide it. During the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 we want to see:
  • Investment in safe footpaths, cycle-ways and crossing points, on streets with lower speed limits, particularly around schools. Transport and planning policies that put people first.
  • Legislation, where required, and real enforcement of seat belt, child seat and booster seat laws, and tougher action to prevent drink driving and speeding
  • In those countries where motorcycles are the main mode of family transportation, better protection for child passengers, including child helmet standards and enforced legislation
  • Graduated driver licencing to help young novice drivers develop steadily and safely; and minimum safety standards for all cars.

Our commitment to action
Nelson Mandela reads our Rio+20 Commitment for Safer Roads for Children

Under the banner of the Zenani Campaign global partners are committing to take action to prevent child road injury. Announced at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, our joint Commitment promotes safe and sustainable transport with a focus on delivering measureable pilot projects to protect children on roads in urban areas of middle and low income countries. Join us in our effort to make safe, sustainable transport a reality!

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