Freehold Road Safety Overview

Freehold Road Safety Overview

Freehold Township and Freehold Borough in Monmouth County, New Jersey, have a combined population of approximately 50,000 residents. Freehold Borough is the official county seat of Monmouth County, while the surrounding township contains historical homes, tourist destinations, and other attractions.

The area’s picturesque scenery can conceal the dangers of the roads. If you live in or plan to travel to Freehold, you want to do so safely. The following data and insights can help ensure you and your loved ones avoid a car accident and arrive at your destination safely. 

Freehold Traffic Fatality Statistics 

The New Jersey State Police (NJSP) recorded a total of 38 traffic deaths in Monmouth County in 2023. Of the deaths reported, 18 were drivers, seven were motor vehicle passengers, four were bicyclists, and nine were pedestrians.

Five of these accidents occurred in Freehold:

  • A pedestrian fatality on County Road 539 in Upper Freehold Township
  • Two separate pedestrian fatalities on State Highway 9
  • A driver fatality on State Highway 9
  • Another driver fatality on County Road 537 in Upper Freehold Township

These five deaths represented less than 1% of the 607 traffic fatalities that New Jersey experienced in 2023.

As of April 25, 2024, there has been one pedestrian fatality in Freehold Township. The incident occurred on State Highway 9.

New Jersey Fatal Accident Insights

There were a total of 646 fatal accidents across New Jersey in 2022. Statistics on these fatal events compiled by the NJSP in its 2022 Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Report are not specific to Freehold or Monmouth County. Nonetheless, they can provide useful information about the circumstances that tend to result in fatal collisions throughout the state:

Types of Collisions

Approximately one-half of all fatal collisions in the state involved a motorist striking a pedestrian or a fixed object. The most common types of fatal crashes between motor vehicles included rear-end collisions and angle strikes, such as T-bone crashes. The least common type of fatal wreck was a rollover accident.

Time and Weather Conditions

Fatal accidents happened in New Jersey at all hours of the day and night. According to the 2022 Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Report, 42 fatal accidents occurred between 6 p.m. and 6:59 p.m., the most of any hour of the day. 

The fewest number of fatal crashes happened between 9 a.m. and 9:59 a.m. Only 14 fatal accidents occurred during this time of day, an average of about one per month.

The vast majority of fatal traffic crashes happened under clear conditions. About 88% of all accidents in the state occurred under these weather conditions. Conversely, 52 accidents took place in the rain, and 18 happened under other weather conditions. 

Alcohol Usage

According to the 2022 Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Report, over 200 of the 646 accidents that took place throughout New Jersey in 2022 were believed to have involved an intoxicated or impaired driver. As a result of these crashes, a total of 229 people lost their lives. A total of 379 deceased drivers were tested for alcohol, but only 113 tested positive. 

Approximately 85% of those who tested positive for alcohol had an alcohol concentration of .08 or higher.

Common Factors Contributing To Collisions in Freehold, NJ

Every car accident in New Jersey and throughout the country occurs because of one or more contributing factors. Some of the factors frequently seen in auto accidents throughout the country include:


Excess speed is a major contributing factor in many crashes. This includes not just speeding over the posted speed limit but going too fast when the road conditions are hazardous. Speeding not only makes a crash more likely to happen, but it also increases the chances that severe injuries or death will result.

When you speed, your vehicle becomes more difficult to control safely. You need more distance to brake, and sudden maneuvers like turns can cause you to lose control. 

Additionally, as your vehicle’s speed increases, the amount of power it can transfer to a pedestrian or other vehicle increases as well. The more power and energy that is transferred in a crash, the greater the amount of damage to people and property.

Distracted Driving

Cell phones are not the only things that can distract a driver. The radio, talkative passengers, and accidents can steal a driver’s focus, taking their minds and eyes off of safely driving their vehicles. 

Other distractions, like food and drinks, make it so the driver does not have both of their hands available to control their vehicle. Finally, some distractions, like cell phones, take away not only the driver’s attention from safely driving but their hands as well.

Right-of-Way Violations

When traffic converges at intersections and merge points, one vehicle must proceed ahead of another. If both try to go through the same point at the same time, a collision will occur. Right-of-way laws, along with traffic lights and signs, help drivers navigate these potentially dangerous locations successfully.

In New Jersey, when you come across a place where two roads converge, you should follow any traffic light or sign that is present. If neither are to be found, then you must follow the state’s right-of-way laws. Motorists who do not know or choose not to follow these rules can risk a crash.

Freehold Traffic Safety Review

Available data from the New Jersey State Police suggests that Freehold Township sees only a small number of fatal crashes compared to the state’s total. Freehold is especially dangerous for pedestrians, as the majority of traffic deaths that took place in 2023 involved pedestrians struck by other vehicles. 

Drivers in Freehold should recognize that serious crashes can occur at any time and in any weather condition. Safe driving practices, such as avoiding driving while impaired and obeying the speed limit, can help prevent you and your loved ones from being involved in a Freehold car accident.