Brentwood Road Safety Overview

Brentwood Road Safety Overview

Williamson County is home to beautiful Brentwood, TN, a city of about 45,000 people located on the outskirts of Nashville. Although neighboring Nashville has over ten times the population of Brentwood, the two cities share at least one common feature. Drivers, pedestrians, and others on the roadway in both Brentwood and Nashville can be injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Many of the accidents that occur in Brentwood and other cities are the result of negligence. Despite the city’s efforts to improve traffic facilities, preventing accidents in Brentwood still depends primarily on motorists and others being aware of their surroundings and making smart decisions. 

Here is what you need to know about road safety in Brentwood. And, if you’ve been injured in a car accident in Brentwood, reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer for help.

Williamson County Traffic Safety Statistics

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security recorded over 100 fatal and serious injury traffic crashes throughout Williamson County in 2022. This represents approximately 10% of all serious and fatal accidents that happened in Tennessee that year.

Specifically, there were a total of 80 crashes throughout Williamson County that resulted in serious injuries to at least 1 person. Of these collisions, 25 were fatal and caused at least 1 loss of life. Overall, Tennessee as a whole experienced 1,117 collisions that could be classified as either serious injury or fatal accidents in 2022.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics

Commercial motor vehicles like semi-trucks and commercial buses were involved in 294 crashes of all severity levels in Williamson County in 2022. Statewide, commercial motor vehicles were involved in over 14,000 collisions, making Williamson County only responsible for about 2% of the state’s total crashes.

Williamson County Motorcycle Accident Data

Additionally, 34 motorcycle accidents resulting in either death or some type of injury occurred in Williamson County in 2022. This figure represented about 2% of the 1,826 total fatal and injury motorcycle accidents that happened across the state that year. 

Of the 34 motorcycle accidents in Williamson County, 4 resulted in a fatality, and 9 others resulted in serious injuries. The remaining 21 were thought to have led to minor injuries to the individuals involved.

Road Safety Projects in Brentwood

The City of Brentwood has announced several road improvement projects. Collectively, these projects fall into three categories:

ADA Improvements

Some of the improvements are intended to make intersections and crosswalks more accessible and safer for people with disabilities. This includes adding curb ramps to assist those in wheelchairs and mobility devices in accessing sidewalks when crossing the street. Improvements will also be made to upgrade pedestrian signals and improve sidewalks.

Road Improvements

The city also intends to improve several roads to better accommodate traffic. This includes extending McEwen Drive, widening Sunset Road, and widening Ragsdale Road. Plans also include completing a roundabout at Murray Lane and Holly Tree Gap and commencing a study of Old Smyrna Road to examine possible improvements.

Traffic Signal Updates

The Brentwood Traffic Operations Division intends to update traffic signals throughout the city. These signals are critical safety devices that help traffic navigate dangerous intersections.

Why Brentwood Car Wrecks Happen

Despite the proposed traffic projects announced by the city government, car crashes in Brentwood can still happen due to drivers and others committing negligent or reckless acts. Examples of such acts that contribute to car accidents in Brentwood and nationwide include:


The simple and commonplace decision to exceed the posted speed limit comes with an increased risk of an injury or fatal car accident. When drivers speed, they give themselves less time to observe dangers in the road and avoid them. Vehicles traveling at an elevated speed are also more likely to inflict traumatic and deadly injuries on those involved in a crash.

Driving Under the Influence

Motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists who consume drugs or alcohol before getting on the road are placing their lives and the lives of others at risk. 

An impaired or intoxicated driver can have difficulty understanding where they are and where other vehicles and traffic are in relation to them. They may also make poor decisions when confronted with emergency situations.

Failing To Yield the Right of Way

Intersections and areas where traffic proceeding in one direction must pass in front of opposing traffic are dangerous and prone to accidents in any city. This risk can be mitigated through the use of traffic signs and signals that indicate which person can proceed on their way before others.

However, there can never be enough signs and signals to advise drivers and others of all the rules that might apply at any given place and time. This is why Tennessee has enacted right-of-way laws that serve to govern the safe movement of traffic. 

All drivers, cyclists, and others are presumed to know these laws and are expected to follow them whenever there are no signs or signals. 

Driving While Distracted

Distracted driving is a risky behavior that leads to accidents because it takes a driver’s eyes away from the road and their focus away from their surroundings. It is not only cell phones and text messages that can cause distractions, however. Food and drink, the car’s radio, and even other passengers can all cause dangerous distractions that lead to accidents.

Keys to Safe Driving in Brentwood

Car accidents happen in Brentwood, but there are steps you can take to protect your family and lower your risk of experiencing a wreck, such as following right-of-way laws and avoiding distracted driving. Similarly, understanding what to expect of other drivers on the road and keeping an eye out for drivers who may be distracted or negligent is key.

These personal efforts, combined with the city’s traffic improvement initiatives, can help you and your family navigate Brentwood’s roads safely. Should you encounter an accident in the city, don’t hesitate to speak with a car accident attorney who can advise you of your best options going forward.