Lawrenceville Road Safety Overview

Lawrenceville Road Safety Overview

While Lawrenceville and the greater Gwinnett County area have below-average crash fatalities for the state, car accidents are still common. The bustling city outside Atlanta is located where SR 120, SR 124, SR 316, Highway 20, and Highway 29 merge. With so many major roadways coming together in the small city, accidents are bound to happen. 

Here’s an overview of road safety in Lawrenceville, GA, including accident statistics and efforts by the city and county to improve traffic safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. 

Lawrenceville, GA Car Accident Statistics

In 2022, there were 1,241 car accidents in Lawrenceville and 26,522 in Gwinnett County, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). In Lawrenceville, these crashes caused 527 injuries and 7 fatalities. 

In Gwinnett County, the top causes of these accidents included: 

  • Speeding and aggressive driving: Speeding was a factor in 20% of fatal accidents in the state and caused 10 fatal crashes in the county in 2022. 
  • Drunk or drugged driving: In 2022, there were 578 crashes involving suspected or confirmed drug and/or alcohol impairment. 
  • Distracted driving: Gwinnett County has the highest number of distracted driving citations and convictions in Georgia. In 2019 alone, distraction caused almost 12,000 crashes in the county. 

Overall, Gwinnett County had the fifth-highest number of fatal traffic accidents in Georgia, although the number of fatalities has been declining.

The 26,522 Gwinnett County car accidents in 2022 involved the following: 

  • Large trucks: 2,471 crashes
  • Young drivers: 9,733
  • Older drivers: 3,248
  • Hit and run: 941
  • Motorcycles: 217
  • Pedestrians: 172
  • Bicycles: 42
  • Mopeds and scooters: 16

About 40% of accidents involved young drivers. Nationwide, young drivers are at the highest risk of being involved in serious or fatal accidents.

Dangerous Intersections in Lawrenceville, Georgia

While an accident can happen anywhere, be especially cautious when traveling through the following hotspots for crashes in Lawrenceville: 

  • SR 124/Scenic Highway & Jackson St/New Hope Rd: 126 accidents and one fatality between 2020 and 2022
  • E Crogan St & Buford Dr/Jackson St: 20 accidents with one fatal collision in 2022
  • W Pike St & Buford Dr: 21 crashes in 2022 alone
  • SR-316 & Cedars Rd: Five fatal crashes in five years
  • Sugarloaf Parkway & SR-316 (University Parkway): Four fatal crashes in five years
  • Lawrenceville Highway & Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd: Four deadly crashes in five years

Lawrenceville began upgrades to its most dangerous intersection at Scenic Highway (SR 124) and Jackson St/New Hope Rd in 2021.

Gwinnett County and Lawrenceville Traffic Safety Efforts

The City of Lawrenceville and Gwinnett County regularly study road and intersection designs, traffic patterns, and accident statistics to develop safety improvements. 

In 2023, Gwinnett County received $200,000 in federal funding through the Safe Streets and Roads for All grant program. The county will invest $250,000 in the Countywide Safety Action Plan to reduce motorist, pedestrian, and bicyclist deaths on state routes and county-maintained roads. Safety improvement projects have already been prioritized. 

The county is also investing in its Countywide Trails Plan to expand its network of bike and multi-use trails. The goal is to give every resident access to a safe transportation network for non-motorists. 

Most importantly, the countywide plan will improve public transit options. This will reduce private vehicle trips and integrate transit into land development planning. 

GDOT is currently transforming SR 316 in Gwinnett and Oconee counties. The project will reduce traffic congestion and a high rate of serious crashes along the SR 316 corridor. Improvements to SR 316 in Lawrenceville are slated to start by 2025. 

Avoiding Traffic Crashes in Lawrenceville, GA

Remain aware of your surroundings, avoid speeding, and don’t use your phone while driving. These safety measures can help you reduce your risk of injury while driving in Lawrenceville. Most crashes happen in high-traffic intersections in the downtown area. Be extra vigilant when highways and state routes meet in busy areas.